The Best Cheese for Turkey Sandwich

Exploring the Best Cheese for Turkey Sandwich

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Best Pizza Cheese

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Beef jerky is one of my most favorite snacks.  Seriously, it’s a toss up between jerky and chips and salsa.  The good thing about jerky is that it is

Best Wood For Smoking Ribs

Ribs aren’t the easiest meat to smoke. There’s a few things you will have to decide on but one of the most important figuring out the best wood for smoking ribs. There’s a lot of choices out there.

Dry Brine vs Wet Brine

Have you ever heard someone talk about brining meat before smoking it and were confused? Well you’re not alone. Plenty of people don’t know what brining meat is so we’re going to go over dry brine vs wet brine

Best Wood For Smoking Turkey – Top 3

There’s a lot of variables when it comes to smoking turkey. Once of the most important is choosing the best wood for smoking turkey. There are a lot of choices out there.