Best Cheese For a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nothing is more satisfying than a hot, melty grilled cheese sandwich. The popular American kitchen cuisine is a subservient combo with tomato soup. The pair is a heavenly delight for many grilled cheese sandwich lovers. It’s the ideal lunch menu for the pickiest eaters, making it a universally relished dish.

An ideal grilled-cheese sandwich is all about sturdy bread, flavorsome cheese, and a rich smear of butter or mayo or even both! It could be simple as that, or you can get a bit fancier by adding in tomatoes, smoked apple slices, bacon, or any other fillings of your choice.

There is no wrong way to make this classic lunchtime delight, but most connoisseurs agree that the type of cheese you use in your sandwich is what that really matters. Before we dig deeper into cheese types, let’s first explore the other elements:

Best Types of Bread for Grilled Sandwiches

You can use any bread as long as it can hold in the cheese and fillings without tearing apart. White or wheat bread and sourdough are the most popular bread types, but you can also use thickly sliced boule to make your perfect grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Choicest Fillings

Well, cheese is sufficient on its own, but you can amp the flavors with some savory, sweet or tangy fillings. Bacon, hard salmon, turkey, apples, peaches, tomatoes, and apricots add a twist to your traditional grilled-cheese sandwich. Slather on some mayo or butter on the bread slices for perfect grilling.

The Right Cheese Matters

There isn’t anything like the right cheese type. Anything (cheese) can work! However, there are some classic choices, such as:

American cheese

Most of us grown having American Cheese or Velveeta on our sandwiches, and nothing can beat its flavor. Being the most satisfying choice, it’s the epitome of comfort and succulence for traditional grilled-cheese sandwich lovers.


It’s the crowd-pleasing and fast melting cheese that works well with white bread. Its sharp flavor can be notched up with spicy jalapenos, smoked bacon, or grilled turkey shred. To make it cheesier, you can pair it with creamy cheese such as Fontina or Comte. Experiment with apple slices, chutneys, cranberry sauce, and pickles for divine flavors.

Here, we have five more not-so-traditional kinds of cheese perfectly grilled between two slices of bread for a contemporary piquancy.


Give an Italian spin to your grilled-cheese sandwich with Provolone cheese. You can melt it basil leaves and tomatoes slices to enjoy a hot, crispy Caprese sandwich. Give an extra kick of flavors with prosciutto and hard salami. Its sharp flavors, melty but not runny textures, and malleable consistency make it a starry choice for its deli and cheesesteak sandwiches.

Blue Cheese

blue cheese

Due to its tangy taste, blue cheese is perfect for melting with any other ingredient for a hot, relishing delight. Fresh or dried figs and peaches on a thick layer of blue cheese is a divine combo for sweet-tooth around the globe.

Instead of using plain white bread, try out nut or fruit studded bread and add arugula or bacon to tinge your taste buds. If you’re looking for a hot spicy flavor, dash some buffalo sauce on chicken slices and pair it with the blue cheese. However, its crumbly texture makes it impossible to cut out an even and whole slice.

Monterey Jack

Are you looking for an appetizing and delicious alternative to conventional quesadillas? Chopped onion with shredded Monterey Jack is equally tasty if grilled on rye bread. Include some jalapenos and peppers for extra heat and sprinkle caraway seeds for a quick, lunchtime snack.

Its rich, creamy texture and the mild flavor works well with fruity and spicy chutneys that melt into your mouth for pure deliciousness. You can also pair it with tangy cheese to prepare an interesting concoct of flavors. You can enjoy this gooey cheese sandwich with tomato soup or any other piquant condiment.


It is the most preferred choice of professional grilled-cheese sandwich makers. Its sharp, sweet, and earthy flavors are naturally irresistible and commonly used in French croque-monsieur sandwiches. You can pair or alternate it with Comte and Appenzeller—that are equally tasty. It’s a pretty firm cheese that you can grate on your sandwich to facilitate the melting process. To bring down its pungent taste, pair it with mild-wild Monterey Jack or Havarti Cheese.

You can also use caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, pear, or ham slices to overthrow the strong flavor and create a mouthwatering delight.


The inexpensive brie cheese is an absolute choice for non-traditional grilled-cheese sandwich lovers. Spread generously on French bread for rich goodness of mild-flavored cheese. To give an extra-kick of tang, use fruit preserves, avocado, turkey, apples, and sliced mushrooms complementing the creaminess of the brie. For a sweet, decadent brunch sandwich, grill brie with rosemary butter and fig jam on a slice of pound cake.

Tips to Make the Perfect Grilled Sandwich:

grilled cheese sandwich with avacado

Anybody can make a grilled-cheese sandwich, but here is some expert advice to become a pro at it:

·   Set the heat right: keep the heat to the lowest level for the golden-brown crust and perfectly melted cheese. If the flame is too high or the pan is hot, then your bread will be entirely toasted before the cheese is melted inside.

·   Use Mayo Instead of Butter: for perfect results, grilled your sandwich with mayo. Cover the outsides with a thin layer of mayonnaise to get a perfect golden slice that is crisp and grease-free.

·   Go Open Face: if your grilled sandwich is fully loaded with cheese and other fillings, start the grilling without a top slice while covering the pan with a lid. The steam will melt the cheese but won’t turn your bread soggy. Once the cheese starts melting, place the second slice, and flip the sandwich.
·   Cover the Corners: once you have decided on the cheese type, it’s time to hoard it on your sandwich. Grate it, slice or slather it but cover each and every corner of your bread for a cheesy-treat.

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